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Who We Are

ECTBookings is an Adult Modeling Agency that primarily connects models with producers in the adult entertainment industry. All our shoots involve nudity and sex but the type of acts involved does vary. We have worked with many producers and distributors which means your opportunities are endless. Some of these distributors are listed below. Our primary shoot locations span across the southern Florida region from cities such as Miami Beach FL, Fort Lauderdale FL, Daytona FL, Orlando FL, to Coral Gables FL and a few others. Pay for shoots is $900/hour with most shoots lasting two to four hours. So in fact, most of our candidates are able to fit a shoot after a typical 9 - 5 workday. You are also paid the same day of the shoot and in cash. Cash is still king in this industry. 1099 Forms are provided to candidates for tax purposes after you have participated in at least 4 shoots.


We are quite aware that many of our applicants are really only interested in making money without necessarily becoming famous. As we hire many college students looking to remain anonymous, we partnered with cable TV stations and also work with private collectors. This way, we are able to distribute our videos via more discrete streams, (Pay-per-view, or personal DVDs). Pay-per-view shoots allow producers and candidates to restrict what region the video shoot will be shown in and videos are only streamed through a cable box. These shoots range in pay between $1400 per shoot to $1800 per shoot.


Private collector video shoots are particularly popular amongst college students that want to make some money but are worried about a video eventually leaking out. What we do for private collector videos, is we make one unique DVD for a client, typically an international client to meet his or her need. This client could get as descriptive as the color of your hair, your eyes, or the walls, during the shoot. As one unique DVD is made that cannot be duplicated, copied, or distributed, your identity remains protected. Pay for these types of shoots is about $1,100 to $1,500 per video shoot. We hire a multitude of college students for these types of shoots so if hired, expect to participate in about 1 - 5 a month with 5 being the maximum you would be able to participate in per month.

Connected: It Does Make A Difference

Yes, size matters. What we mean is, that by being diversified, we are able to connect with producers from across the industry. Some of the names of distributors we work with are below. Better yet, these producers are very comfortable working with amateurs so expect the utmost professionalism and care once you are paired in a shoot with any one of these distributors mentioned below. 

Become A Model

We are constantly looking for qualified candidates. Trust us as we have shown repeatedly that we have a keen eye for placing models into the shoots that they are most comfortable in. 

Individuals who are interested in becoming an ECTBookings model should please proceed to the "Become a Model" page.

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