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Beautiful female applicants PLEASE read: 

We are involved in college themed adult video shoots and we specialize in pairing amateur models with local producers. This is porn, meaning every shoot we do involves sexual acts. You should be between the ages of 18 - 30, have few to no stretch marks around the lower abdomen area or breasts, and are slim, toned, athletic, or average in build. We don't offer options that let you work exclusively with your significant other and we don't have lesbian only shoots. 


In fact, every shoot will involve another male actor who will also be college aged and in good shapeHowever, we are the best at helping you remain anonymous if you want. We offer multiple options such as pay-per-view and private collector shoots to keep your identity hidden.


If you are new to all this, we are the best agency to start off with. Since we specialize in college themed videos shoots, in your application below, try to send ahead photos that reflect this side of you. We recommend photos that are taken from the front and show your entire figure, including your face. If you would prefer to remain anonymous, include this in the "Message" portion of your application.

Handsome males or sexy couples PLEASE read: 

Although we predominantly hire female models, we do consider male models only if you can convince us that you are already comfortable around females.  We only hire male talents that have a female partner already. For this reason, if you are a male talent, include in your application information along with photos of your female partner. Couples looking to enter the industry must be willing to work with other actors and actresses and also include photos of both male and female spouses.

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