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America's girl next door, Rachel James is back! She has performed in over 200+ adult videos and for a time, was the most sought after model in the adult entertainment industry.  After taking a 2 year hiatus from the industry, Rachel James is back and hotter, wetter, and better.

Rachel James

Age: 23 yrs, Fort Lauderdale

Every ECT girl has that panache

jennifer ECTBookings

*Photo courtesy of Back Alley


ECTBookings is an Adult Modeling Agency that primarily connects female models with producers in the adult entertainment industry. All our shoots involve sexual acts but the type of acts involved does vary. Shoots typically pay $900/hour and all payments are made in cash or check, typically on the same day.


At ECTBookings, we are quite aware that many of our applicants are really only interested in making money without necessarily becoming famous. As we hire many college students looking to remain anonymous, we created two other avenues for remaining discrete, pay-per-view and private collector DVDs. ECTBookings has partnered with regional cable TV stations to distribute pay-per-view or on-Demand shoots. These type of video shoots give you the flexibility of limiting who sees your shoots down to the city or state. Private collector shoots are even more discrete as only one DVD is made and it cannot be duplicated or distributed. It is in essence a collectible and sold to a high paying client. These discrete options for shoots vary in pay, between $1000 to $1800 per shoot. 

To be considered, fill out the information in the Become a Model page and a recruiter in your region will schedule a meeting to discuss how you should proceed.

           Introducing Juicy Jane

Jane is one of our newest models. She has that perfect blend of the girl next door. But she also knows how to rock that pinup model look. Don't let the cute face fool you though, she brings a certain kind of spunk that can be seen in her shoots. At the ripe age of 25, and no prior experience in the industry, she dove head first, pun intended,  into her first shoot. She loves to squirt, or maybe she loves hydrating everyone else, we can never tell!! Look out for her next project titled  - "Juicy Jane".  


Age: 25 yrs, North Carolina

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